An introduction to my mind through my hands

Welcome wanderer, to a page full of words spitted out by someone you never heard of. This,as the title says, is an introduction; an introduction to this blog, an introduction to my eyes and my heart and most importantly an introduction to my mind.

I have no intention of teaching stuff that most of the people know how to do better than me, and getting advice from me would probably end up in a complete mental breakdown, i set up this blog with the main reason being that i am lonely, been for awhile now, and talking with a mirror can get tiring after a bit, you know he always has the same opinion as you do, and most of the times he gets real mean with me. I usually think a lot and about a lot, so this is probably just going to be me writing about whatever goes through my mind, from emotions, to movies, maybe even some opinions on current worldwide events, even if i’m not smart enough to do that and not be lectured instantly by actual intellectuals. Of course i am going to try and write everything in the most artsy and funny way i can, since i am a failed to be artist.

Let’s get acquainted, my name is Christian Matthew, but i don’t like Christian so just call me Matthew or Matt or whatever, i hate surname, i’m almost 22, i have the hard to achieve dream of becoming a movie director and create frames that will be remembered for the rest of human history, i love Art with every single neuron in my brain, i am emotional, maybe too much, i am grumpy and i don’t like people until i speak one second with them, after that i basically love (almost) everyone, i can be objective even if i don’t really like it; I am human, i made mistakes and i will keep making mistakes, hopefully they won’t hurt other people anymore in the future but only me, I’m not funny but i think i am, and i believe that every single Human should be free to follow his passions and dreams, as long as said dreams don’t include killing or any illegal stuff in them.Okay now that you know basic me stuff i can get talking about whatever and trying to be a pretentious asshole.


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