Little Lonely number 1

For as long as i can remember i was always told, and always thought, that the number one is usually utilized as representative of loneliness, earlier i was watching some youtube videos and i don’t know why but i got to the thought, that’s kind of bullshit isn’t it?

I mean in a hyper competitive society like ours, the number one is considered to be the winner, the best of the best, metaphorically the number one is never alone, even if there is just one of something is still one, hell just mathematically the number one can never be considered alone, think about it, it’s lonely for the start but then he always finds a partner in crime, switches them often too for a bit. Zero should be the number considered as a metaphor for loneliness, no one like him, he represents absolute emptiness, he can’t even get what he deserves, poor boy!

But and this is why i talked the no sense above, how is this relevant to filmmaking , how can i communicate loneliness through the lack of an object without relating it to another one, for example usually to show someone alone you would think of isolating one person, either in a crowd or just by itself, but that even if it communicates isolation is not completely right, cause one person doesn’t necessarily have to feel alone, still it’s impossible to communicate human loneliness without at least one subject. Maybe this can be applied to objects, but even if you can probably communicate loneliness through the lack of presence of an object it still has to be related to a human figure.

Well thinking through filmmaking seems that my initial thoughts were misconceptions, and maybe society attributes the number one to loneliness and achievement not casually, maybe we realize that achievement can sometime be lonely, and we need to remind ourselves that we could use other people around us to be happy.


This has been random thoughts

With Matt

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