How to make a human out of a horse

Plain and simple, art is my most burning passion, in particular movies, but i love music and tv series and animation and models ( like action figures,not like fashion, fashion is dumb and i hate it, sry) and so i will from time to time post this chatty/appreciative posts about what i like or dislike in particular.

Early today the fourth season of Bojack Horseman was released on netflix, and for the love of god is absolutely brilliant, i will avoid spoilers and talk briefly about the whole series. The first season was fun and it sometimes got deep when you less expected it to, kind of like Rick and Morty , but the more the season grew and the deeper it got, from discussing loneliness to mental illness ,from hard childhood to dementia, from tough teenage hood to drug abuse, and everything with a touch of dark comedy and in the most realistic way possible, in the most surrealistic world both from an visual and narrative point of view. The Voice acting is incredible, the dialogue are always trying to make you think about what could possibly going on in other peoples life, it touches the fame topic, and the characters are so fucking human that i perceive them in such a way that they feel more real even than myself at times.

As i said i’m going to keep this kind of posts short, because spoilers if anyone reads this before knowing the actual thing i’m talking about (impossible,but you can never be sure)

This has been random thoughts

With Matt

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