Lost in plain sight

From the moment we see light we are destined to see dark, sooner or later the world will grasp its hand around your heart to reclaim is victory on the lost. It leaves a hole in the middle of your chest, like a balloon it keeps growing the more you breath, the feeling of it pushing on your rib cage,gently at first, but constantly reminding you of what you are missing, it changes you, it drains your smiles to fuel himself and as your reflection fades a fear of closing your eyes to see what is left roots itself around your mind. And if the inside is clear, the outside keeps getting blurrier, a wall of thick water keeps you trapped on the ground, it lets you see what is around you to torment your spirit, every step forward leaves you on your knees, grasping for air, reaching for something solid to sustain yourself, for something real.

And your heart pulses with all its might, but is overwhelmed by the sound of your veins closing one after the other, your hands tremble under the weight of a palpable shadow sitting on your shoulders, and while you hear this everlasting fear echoing in your head. louder every second, you look around to see how others can manage to live like nothing is happening, like the colors weren’t fading into grey, like everything was the same, while your lose the taste of food, the joy of laughter, the sound of the wind, the smell of the grass, cold,warm,sadness, happiness, nothing means something to you and the more you try to grasp it the more it seem to flee farther from your hands, your scream turn into empty echos in the ears of a crowd of fading faces, but something keeps you here, deep inside something is holding onto your heart, it makes blood pump in your brain and it makes you open your eyes every morning, to live the same day again and again and again, while the fear pierces your chest and the water stops your breathing, something keeps you standing,a resonating light in the midst of the rotten, still bright, still warm, still lost,a trembling light who’s holding on, hoping to still be in time to stop the darkness from growing stronger.


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