Surrounded by a sea of words
only my face surfaces through, giving me just enough space to breath
funny how the brain,sure of being held alive only by those floating words
forgets how simple its momentary surroundings really are.


listening to its heart beat increase through the waves
while the nose breathes clean air,but the mind drowns
that perpetual flow of words doesn’t leave space for rationality to prevail
a simple movement would create another one,
such a childish task and yet so hard.
just forcing through those words would mean to reach the sand
full of life,full of light
but to get there the brain needs to abandon fear
it needs to gather the courage to pass through those words
touch the unknown underneath them
and step by step move forward.
And while the brain knows this,it won’t do it
too afraid of those vines in the dark
tangling your feet
growing through the sand at the slightest movement
but the only way for it to stop you forever
is for you to let them
to let the words feel your ears and take over your speech
to let the vines strangle you down until you can’t move from the pain
to let the water fill your lungs
and close your eyes to all of it.
it will take time but you will learn
learn to let those words past you
learn to slip through to those vines
and learn how to keep your eyes wide open under water
and you will reach the sand,where more fear will come for you
but you’ll be prepared this time
it won’t take you nearly as long to move forward
it won’t take you as long to find more to look forward to,
and when time comes for you
every second fighting through will be worth it.


The painting in the “cover” is called Floating, is by Sarah Harvey, she’s a British painter,just found her work by searching for an image for this post, she’s great!

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