On Dark souls

So today from software announced the Dark souls remaster, which is a whole argument by itself, personally happy about it but at the same time i still am disappointed with some decisions, but that is not what i want to talk about, the news had me go back to the the old games which are some of my favorite game, at least two of them, and that is what i want to write about, why i can’t get myself to play dark souls 2.

To begin dark souls 1 and 3 are some of the best games ever made in my opinion, the hidden lore, armor and weapons design, the ambient and bosses are amazing, everything makes me feel like a mysterious adventurer, the only one who can restore order. and apart from that the amazing mechanics of the games.

Now to the main course, i disliked dark souls 2 from the moment i saw the first gameplays, but i bought it anyway with the others because i wanted to try it, and when i got to it, it was even worse than i imagined. I know a lot of people like it, and i respect that, but the fact that it has dark souls written on it and it comes from one of the only two developers that i actually respect and look forward to new games from, doesn’t change the fact that i find it really bad. For a start the world to me is dark, and it feels disconnected, to its extend it’s supposed to be an open world, but going through one area to the other feels like going in an passage through a mountain, and most them feel the same or are so dark you can’t even see them. I’m not the master of the lore, but is so disconnected with the first one and is just so plain compared to the other that just disappears in the game, especially because exploring is the last thing i want to do in such a boring world to look at.

Now when i play rpgs one thing i love is the aesthetics of armors and weapons, and i always check before even playing what my character can look like, but in dark souls 2 there is like 3 designs that i kind of like, and they aren’t even that good, the enemies look like stupid zombies and not hollows, the bosses are terrible, the only one i kind of like is the mirror knight, but the mechanics make me want to vomit, and i’ll get to that; literally two bosses are reused, they are just doubled in number, one is taken from the greatest boss fight ever made,and is just plain ridiculous to look at, one is just a bunch of fucking rats, i mean at least the deacons of the deep try to be something by isolating the ones you can actually damage.

Now to the mechanics, Dark souls 1 is amazing, it opened the way to a whole new genre of games, and no one has been able to reach its greatness (maybe bloodborne, but i haven’t played it cause those fuckers at sony won’t release it for others platforms, cause fucking money) now dark souls 2 tried something different, and in some ways i can see how you can respect that, but for me they failed miserably, adaptability for one, fucking bullshit, why would i need to spend precious early levels to be able to do something which is at the base of the game, just WHY? and the tracking in this game is unbelievable, some enemies can turn 180° while mid movement and while you roll they hit you because you don’t have enough agility! also they can hit you and stop you from going through fog walls, which makes no sense because the positioning of the enemies is so bad, they are just massed in little spaces and you have to aggro them in little groups to not die because you can’t stagger them if you’re not overpowered, and some times you even need to cheese them. the shortcuts are so fucking far away from the boss, that you lose a shit ton of health just running through enemies because nothingness hits you. And you start with healing gems, which i thought was cool, i liked the idea of grinding enemies at the risk of huge punishments to get more health items, like you can do in bloodborne, but than i realized that they are just a back up that leads to what i find so fucking annoying about this game.

Dark souls 1 was famous for its difficulty, and i can accept that, is a challenging game and takes time to be better at it, but dark souls 2 for me took this “difficulty fame” and thought that it had to be just that, for starter the fucking old hag who tells you ” you will lose your souls times and times again” and the achievement “this is dark souls”, NO, THIS IS NOT DARK SOULS, ITS A MECHANIC INVENTED TO MAKE A GAME PUNISHING, TO KEEP YOU ON YOUR TOES AT EVERY MOMENT AGAINST THE STUPIDEST ENEMIES, ITS NOT SOMETHING TO MASTURBATE ON FOR FUCK SAKE! and than they well thought to add the loss of life with very death, which leads to the research of human effigies, which in the first play through, are fucking hard to find, and those secrets you have to understand to make fights with bosses easier, is so fucking dumb to me,  why should there be mechanisms to make the boss weaker, why isn’t the boss fucking destroying them immediately. This is the main reason why i can’t bring myself to play dark souls 2, i got like to not even half of it and i had to stop because it made me angry at how instead of being its own amazing game, it was so generic and boring, and it played so much on the fame of the first one that it forgot what it supposed to be.

i hope that there won’t be any mess in the new remaster, and i still hope in the release of bloodborne for pc, and i look forward to the new game from from software, hopefully not an exclusive. i’m going to play dark souls one and three until may now, goodbye.

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